10 Ways to Use Remind

by Christine Garland

One of the most common questions we get when explaining Remind to newcomers is, “What type of messages are teachers using Remind for?”

In the past year, teachers have sent millions of messages with Remind, which means they’ve come up with more great ways to use Remind than we could ever possibly count. Not even with our shoes off.
So, going on a wild assumption that you don’t have time to read over a million messages, we decided to pull some of our favorite messages from the past year and use them to compile a list of our, “Top 10 favorite uses for Remind.”

After all, sharing means caring!

1) Motivation – One of the reminders we never saw coming (does that make us half-glass-empty kinda people?). Teachers have been using Remind to support and motivate their students to stay focused and work hard. “I know you are working hard and I am so unbelievably proud of you!”

“You guys were amazing! We had a great day thanks to each of you.”

“Congratulations to all of our graduating seniors. We’re proud of you.”

2) Keeping parents informed – From permission slip due dates, to grade awareness, it’s important for parents to know what’s going on in the classroom. The more informed they are, the more equipped they are to facilitate success after 3 pm.

“Parents – please remember to turn in permission slips before the 17th!”

“Tomorrow is the final day to order yearbooks!”

“Report Cards will be coming home on Friday 3/30/2012”

“Parent Teacher Association Meeting tonight @ 6:30PM”

3) Field Trip Updates – This category has been so exciting that we asked a teacher who used Remind during her student trip to Rome to write a dedicated blog post for us on the topic:

“Parents – On the ground in Rome in baggage claim. Off to customs next!” 

4) Schedule Changes – Classroom changes, early dismissals, schedule adjustments…they’re going to happen. All we can do is hope Remind makes keeping everyone informed a little bit easier.

“Remember: No school Friday, See you all on Monday!”

“Calendar update: Monday- sub and SAT practice test; Tuesday and Wednesday are filming. Happy Snow Day! “

“Go to room 276 today!”

“Good Morning! Please meet in Lab 111 today for an activity with Mr. James. Don’t be late! :)”

5) Fun Facts – A newer concept to Remind, we’re hearing about teachers using the service just to keep kids learning after hrs. 

6) Study Tips – The most popular messages we see are the ones that are focused on a no-excuses way to help students succeed.

“Study for tomorrow’s vocab quiz – right side of blue sheet.”

“Respiratory System Unit Exam tomorrow. Chapters 14 and 15.”

“I’ve posted a list of concepts for Monday’s test on my website.”

7) Class Announcements – Easier and far more environmentally friendly than a newsletter, send a text!

“2011 yearbook class photo in fieldhouse at 11 AM on Friday.  Attendance will be taken on return.”

“Hello all! I will be out of my classroom this week from Tuesday – Friday (Feb 7-10) There will be a substitute in my place.”

“Bring your coat to class today. It is cold in the room.”

8) Fear inducer…What?…I mean a fun way to ensure focus…

“If you’re reading this right now you should have your notes out and be paying attention.”

9) Extra help or extra credit opportunities!

“Try the logic and reasoning problem we discused on Friday this weekend. Bring it to me Monday for extra credit!”

“HW check tomorrow! Extra help tomorrow at 7:30am. I’ll also be staying after school today in case anyone needs help.”

10) Sports or Club reminders – Keep your future Olympians focused on getting better, faster and stronger.

“Basketball Changes- all games on Mon and Tue moved to Wed” 

“Practice is inside at 5:30. Bring shoes!”

“No practice Thursday, Wednesday is a home game, and still on. Friday is a morning practice.”

*Messages have been modified from their original context to protect the privacy of our users.