10 Ways to Use Stamps: Getting Instant Feedback

Last week, we were excited to launch Remind’s newest feature, Stamps, a way for teachers to get instant feedback on their messages! It’s been exciting to see how different teachers have been using Stamps in their classrooms all over the world. If you’re just getting started, here are a few ideas to spark your creativity to use Stamps on your Remind messages:

Quiz Your Class

Quickly and easily send your class questions to gauge comprehension. Whether your students are in the classroom, on the bus, or at home, your questions will instantly reach them on their mobile devices!


As subscriber’s options are ,,, or you can associate different Stamps with different multiple choice responses or send simple True/False questions:


Looking for more resources for quick formative assessment? Take a look at our fun and comprehensive board.

Simplify Attendance

Planning a field trip or back-to-school night? With Remind, you can get real-time feedback on attendance. Make sure that dates work for parents and students before the event.


You can also use Stamps to message parents about volunteering for school events like field trips or class parties. Find out the number of chaperones you will have instantly! Student club activities or out of class events are also great circumstances for stamped student feedback.

Vote with Stamps

Incorporate student voice and choice into your plans by having subscribers vote with Stamps. Quickly receive students’ input on class projects, events, and more!


Engage your students by letting them know that their voices are heard. This feedback can help you create interesting projects and lessons.

From Students and Parents: Star Your Teacher

How do you know which messages are helpful for students and parents? Find out instantly when subscribers “star” your Remind messages. This feedback will help you determine which types of messages to send in the future!


Looking for more ideas on how to determine which messages students value? Check out this post by educator and Remind Teacher Advisory Board member John Damaso.

More Ideas

Take a look at some of these other creative ways teachers are using Stamps:

School lunches

“Stamps are great for lunch orders. Students and parents can check if they plan to purchase lunch, which is great for schools that take that head count!” – Dan A., Maryland

Professional development attendance

“I use Stamps to find out how many teachers will attend my sessions.” – Stacey M., California

Student learning and readiness

During weekends or holidays, students use a “check” or “question mark” stamp in response to texts about their preparedness for an upcoming assessment.” – John D., Arizona

Parent involvement

“I get parents to stamp if they’ve checked their child’s homework and planner each night.” – Dan A., Maryland

Crossing literacy barriers

“Stamps are a great way for non-readers [early elementary] to vote and for the teacher to gauge understanding of concepts.” – Jennifer N., Texas

Group projects

“Stamps can be a helpful way to check in with small student groups. Since you can send to groups of 3 or more, I send Remind messages to ask groups about their readiness for an upcoming project or quick questions about their content area focus.” – Nicole L., California

Share Your Ideas

Have more ideas on how to use Stamps in your classroom? Share them with us on Twitter and Facebook with #RemindStamps or e-mail us: contact@remind.com. Happy Stamping!