Thank You from Remind

by Christine Garland

This past summer Remind made moves across state lines and nations. From San Francisco to New York, and Texas to Toronto, we found our traffic exceeding what we had anticipated by leaps and bounds. The fast paced growth has been an incredibly exciting journey! But possibly the most exciting part is that we’ve grown because of our teachers.

It would be great if we could jump on stage at the Academy Awards and thank all the people who helped us get to this point…but since a cinematic ceremony doesn’t exactly apply to Remind, we’re going to go with a softer, more subtle tactic. I present you with an aggregated list of Remind, “Thank You Notes”, to many of the users without whom we wouldn’t be here…

PS: We know there are MANY more of you that deserve a thanks!! If we forgot you, yell at us in the comments section so we can give you a personal shout!

The bottom line is, to everyone we know, thanks for joining us on this mobile Edu-Adventure!

Erin Klein –
@kleinerinThank you for all the product feedback, blog posts and positive energy. You have been with us from the beginning, and your personal brand has meant big things for Remind. We love you Erin!

Lisa Dabbs –
@teachingwthsoulAside from being generally awesome and saying the nicest things about us, you invited us to our first ever Twitter Chat session. #NTchat was so cool we even had to write a blog post about it. In a matter of a few hours, you exposed us to new users across the US and Canada that we never would have known without you. You rock Lisa!

Michael Buist –
@buistbunchWe nagged you what seemed like every hour, on the hour, for a week straight for product feedback, and you didn’t even complain. Thanks for sacrificing your down time to make Remind better.

Dan Klumper –
@danklumperOne of the biggest on-boarding questions we hear from teachers is, “how do I use Remind”? Look no further. Your video tutorial was extremely helpful! Plus you look dashing in that Remind101 Tee (:

Mrs. Stanford –
Mrs. Stanford’s ClassI don’t know if we ever got a real chance to even say Hi to you. You wrote a series of posts about us over the summer that accelerated traffic and sign-ups like we never could have dreamed. There was almost a month where It seemed like all our referrals were coming from your blog (which is a sweet blog and obviously we’re not the only ones that thing so). Thank you for taking the time to share us with your fans, AND making a fantastic tutorial video on how to use Remind!

Ramsey Musallam –
@ramusallamWe met Rasmey after the NPR / Mindshift folks wrote an awesome article about how Ramsey uses mobile technology and the #flippedclassroom strategy in his school. We later got to visit Ramsey’s school in San Francisco for product feedback. His advice? “JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE.” Thanks, Ramsey!

Rushton Hurley & Diane Main –
@rushtonh & @dowbigginYou two! You know we love you….but seriously. The afternoon we spent at #merit12 taught us so much about what our product needed. The energy we got out of our Q and A session was priceless. Thanks for thinking we were important enough to join Merit for an afternoon! And you gave us free parking too! #nice

Jeff Bradbury –
@teachercastWe did a podcast together that was a total blast to create, and got all kinds of social media love. Thanks for asking us to spend an afternoon chatting and helping us spread the word!

Adam Bellow –
@adambellowFantastic to meet you at #ISTE! A teacher-prenuer, you’re not only a blogging rockstar, you’ve bootstrapped your own startup, Educlipper. Try it! And Adam, thanks for the product feedback.

Alec Couros & George Couros –
@courosa & @gcouros O’ Canada! First of all, you guys pushed us to stop dragging our feet and launch Canadian numbers over the summer. Then when we launched them, you guys stood on the top of mountains and shared the good news. You made Canadian numbers go nationwide faster than we could have paid for. Bro(s) – we owe you!

Brent Walters –Friend, we didn’t give you a shout in our Canadian post because he had not yet had the pleasure of getting to know each other. If I could turn back time (as the song goes) I would have handled that different. Your product feedback and email correspondence has been so appreciated! Thanks again, and this time publicly!

Lisa Koster –
@lkosterAnother one of our #ISTE favs. You’ve been using Remind for a longggg time, and you recently (very politely) notified us of a small design tweak we needed to make in our PDF’s. Working on it Lisa, thanks for the note!

Angela Estrella –
@am_estrellaOur local bay area representative! It’s nice getting the frequent chance to see you at local meetups & #edcamps. Especially since every time we do you have great product feedback. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about your push to do Spanish translations! (Angela is sending her messages in Spanish at her school in San Jose.)

Meloney Cargill, Greg Green and all of Clintondale High School –
@mscargill & @flippedschool‘Flipped learning represent, what what!’ We love you so much…we actually have you in our Facebook cover photo. It was so fun hanging out at #ISTE. We know you guys have done even more than we know about for us at your school. Thanks for believing in what we do!

Lisa M. –
@briteeyes49With us from day 1. You have stood by us with every product iteration, design and feature change. You’ve been patient as we learned and grew, supported us, and helped us get the world out the entire way through. I think we can all say you’re just one of the most genuine people we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Thanks Lisa!

Jen Roberts –
@jenroberts1We met at #ISTE & chatted about how the product was working inside your class. You’ve continue to be a most excellent Twitter advocate since. Thank you!

Jason Seliskar –
@jasonseliskarIf anyone doesn’t know Jason get to know him! You’ve not only been a product evangelist, you’re like a Remind101 knowledge base. I can’t say enough what a pleasure it is to have you double teaming questions we get on Twitter with us! Thanks for knowing so much about our product, and wanting to share it with others.

Leigh Graves Wolf,  MAET and Jodi Spicer –
@gravesle, @MAET, @jodispicerLittle do any of you know, 3 years ago Leigh and Remind co-founder, Brett sat down to lunch and Leigh said, “Ya know…this idea of yours is very applicable to K12.” Thanks to Lisa and Jodi for involving us in MAET.

Paul Wagner –
@pwagnerlcisdPaul – love seeing your avatar Twitter pic show up in our mentions! You’re one of those users that makes me brag about having the best users in the word. We know you’ve helped us spread the word both on Twitter and off. Thanks for being a fantastic evangelist!

Todd Nesloney –
@techninjatoddA newer addition to our #teacherlove crew…Todd you sure do know how to spread the word about something you like. Thanks for being an extension of the Remind team…plus you’re just a super neat dude to talk to and have incredible product feedback! Best of luck to all you Tech Ninja’s!

The ClassDojo and Educreations teams –
@classdojo & @educreationsDid someone say paaaaartaaayyyyy? Had a great time joining forces to throw an event at #ISTE this summer! We should definitely do that again….soon.  

Catherine Flippen –
@catflippenAnother teacher who’s been with us since day one!  Your feedback has played a big part in shaping Remind101, and your appreciation of our product gives us energy for days. Also, thanks for the quote!!

(Why do I suddenly feel like I’m signing yearbooks…)

L. Hall –

Another one of my favorite tweeps! You’re always there to pick us up with a little Remind Twitter love when we’re getting tired. I always look forward to seeing your handle in our Twitter feed. Plus your dog is in your Twitter pic with you…and we do love dogs at Remind. Meet Jack, our new office dog…he’s just checking on some data:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 3.44.33 PM

Eric Hileman –
@eshilemanYet another teacher / administrator with us from the early days. It was wonderful meeting you at #ISTE and loved the PD idea!

Craig Nobling & Eliu Uati Paopao –
@craignobling& @epaopaoCraig – you also fit into the we’ve skyped / called / emailed weekly for feedback on our product category. Many of our features and design is thanks to you.

Thanks to you too Pao Pao! It was great meeting in person and getting a tech directors opinion at #ISTE.

Anibal Pacheco –
@anibalpachecoIT Such an amazing time chatting with you, and we can’t say enough about your dedicated post and video highlight on Remind. You called us a swiss army knife. How cool is that?!?

Michael ThompsonYou single handedly have signed up 3 elementary schools with Remind. That’s HUGE! There is no easier way to say it, you’re what I call, “bomb diggity”. (I’m bringing that phrase back) Thanks again friend!



The Remind Team

Brett, David, Jeremy, Christine & Jack (the dog)