25+ Ways to Use Remind in the Classroom

By Christine Garland


Every time we talk to our teachers, they give us another use for Remind. Here are 25 + ways to use Remind in your classroom.

Have another way you use Remind? Comment and let us know!

Homework Reminders

This Harvard study shows students are 40 percent more likely to complete homework when families and teachers communicate.

Calendar Updates and Schedule Changes

Last minute schedule changes will happen. As soon as you update that classroom calendar, let students and parents know so they can update theirs.


Phone trees, and students sitting cross-legged in front of the news at 6 am waiting for school closure announcements are so last year. Use Remind to get the news out fast.

Facts and Trivia

Did you know dolphins can remember other dolphins after being apart for 20 years? Do your students know?

Holiday Events

Holidays are hectic. Help parents out by sending reminders for concerts, vacation start dates and last day of school parties.


Need volunteers for a school dance or field trip? Let parents know via text.


Remind students to bring…well, anything — a compass, gym shoes, rain jacket, BYOD device — with a text.

Report Cards

Let students and parents know when they are coming home, and how proud you are of your students for having such a great semester.

Permission Slips

If there’s one thing a student will forget, it’s a permission slip. Tell parents when permission slips are coming home and remind them when they are due back.

Back to School

Welcome the kids out of the sun and back into the classroom with a first day text.

No School

Busy parents will really appreciate reminders when a long weekend is coming.


Somehow picture day is always forgotten. Parents and students will be thrilled by a friendly reminder to comb hair and tuck shirts.

Field Trip Updates

Keep kids on time with reminders about when and where to meet, and what time the bus is leaving; or send them on a scavenger hunt in the museum with texted clues. Likewise, parents love to know what’s happening on a field trip, especially if it’s far from home. Bus running late? Let parents know with Remind.


Students with high self-efficacy have a higher chance for success. Let them know how proud you are of how hard they are working!

Raise Funds

What better way to let your parents know the school drama club needs some funds, or if the classroom is out of glue?


Too many students breaking dress code? Remind is a great way to send nice little reminder about what isn’t OK.


Classrooms tend to be breeding grounds for viruses. Got a bug going around? Let parents know what they can do to limit their child’s chances of getting ill.


Field trip fees, yearbook money, pizza day bucks, uniform costs….


Parent teacher conferences coming up? Remind parents of when and where they need to be. Life is busy, we can all use an extra reminder.

Extra Credit Opportunities

Remind is a fun way to be sneaky about extra credit. Tell them to write a secret code on their next test, or some extra problems they can do to get ahead.

Flipped Classrooms

Once you’ve posted an evenings lesson on your website, YouTube channel, or elsewhere, send a text with a link right to the video or activity.

Study Tips

During exams every student needs a little help navigating their notes. Keep your kids focused by updating them with suggested chapters to focus on or strategies for memorizing.

Vacation and Sick Days

Let your kids know when you’re going to be absent, and remind them that you’ll be getting a full, highly detailed, report of their behavior from the substitute while you’re away.

Tricks and Fun

Students not paying attention in class? Send them a text – “if you’re reading this right now, you should stop texting your BFF and pay attention.”

Makeup Reminders

Notify students of makeup exam times and locations easily in one text.

Office Hours

Let students know when you are available for extra help during the day.

Current Events

It’s a big world we live in. Comparing a days lesson to what’s happening outside your schools walls is a great way to inspire enthusiasm. “Checkout tonights meteor shower,” “don’t forget to watch the election,” “can you believe how much money is spent on a Super Bowl ad today,” are all great ways to keep kids interested.

We know we haven’t thought of everything! Share your Remind ideas here.