5 Ways Principals Can Use Remind before Back-to-School

As a principal, I’d like to share five ways all school administrators can and should be using Remind:

1. Keep staff up-to-date

Instead of having an emergency phone tree with my staff, we set up a Remind class just for them. Now I can reach them all in an instant for emergency notifications, or just to tell them how awesome they are. Try it out Administrators, it’s so much easier than a phone tree!

2. Inspire ideas for parent support

I’ve been loving the Attach feature in Remind. This summer, especially, I’ve been sending messages to my parent community with a picture attached that reminds all our students to READ over the summer break. I’ve had such amazing feedback from parents! There are some great visuals on Twitter and Pinterest showing how much a child can benefit from just reading twenty minutes a day. Find one of those and attach to your message, parents will be blown away and kids will pick up a book for sure!


Photo credit: For The Teachers

3. Keep parents up-to-date on school events

Parents who didn’t initially sign-up to receive my messages flooded the office after two weeks of my Remind messages. ” How do we sign-up to receive the ‘text’ messages from Mr. Welcome? We’ve heard how useful they are and I always have my phone with me!”

4. Unify the school and district community

Since I’ve started using Remind as a Principal, nearly my entire staff and colleagues in our district have as well. That alone shows the power of free mobile messaging with your class and school community. I also sent a Remind message that contained a Google Survey about our Remind messages. Feedback is so important, and we’re always looking for ways to adjust what we communicate about, parents want to be informed!

5. Quick, easy, and free

The obvious reasons: Remind is free – Remind is super easy – Remind connects your community – Remind keeps your community informed – Remind from your phone – Remind from your browser – Remind from your tablet – Remind today to be sent out later this week – Remind can embed on your website/blog – Remind can Tweet – #enoughsaid

Bonus: The New App

I’m really looking forward to implementing the new App that Remind just released. Parents will really enjoy being able to create an account to organize all the messages they receive. With multiple students at John Swett plus our Middle School using Remind now, that adds up to a lot of messages, and organizing will be key!

Late last year when the Attach feature was released, we started to dabble into what types of photos or documents we could add to our outgoing messages. Remind has upped their game and now provides a ‘read’ receipt for each message with an Attach, now that’s handy! No more excuses, we’ll know who read their messages and who didn’t, I like it!

Your school community wants to stay informed and Remind is my communication tool of choice, try using Remind today!