A Faster Way to Fill Your Classes

My sister is a teacher, and one of the first things she said when I told her about Remind was, “That class code looks pretty important. How am I going to make sure each parent and student gets that code and types it in correctly?” Turns out my sister wasn’t alone.

One of the comments we hear most frequently from teachers is that they wish more students and parents would join their classes. Meanwhile, our Support team also fields lots of questions from subscribers trying to dig up their teachers’ class codes. With back-to-school quickly approaching, we’d like to help you fill your classes faster so you can focus on the stuff you love: welcoming back students and their families in a few weeks.

With our new update, teachers on the web or mobile app can list classes as searchable by students, parents, and colleagues from their school. Once subscribers select a school, they can find any class on the list.

All classes will be searchable by default, but you can control exactly which ones are listed through your class settings.

This comes in especially handy when you want to make @math101 available to your entire school—just maybe not @PromCommittee. The same goes for administrators, who might choose to list a school-wide communication class but limit the Staff PD class to their colleagues.

And, as always, teachers, coaches, and administrators can manage class subscriber lists and customize class codes at any time for added control.

Listed classes are currently only available for users in the U.S. For more information on how listing works, please visit our FAQ or share this video with subscribers. And, as always, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@remind.com. We hope this update makes it even easier for you to connect with your classes this year.

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