A Remind Checklist for Students and Parents

Now that Chat has been released, this is a great time to start exploring all of the features that the Remind app has to offer! Be sure to share this handy checklist with students and parents so that they can stay better connected to their school.

1.  Attach Voice Clips and photos to Chat messages

When students and parents reply to a teacher using Chat in the app, they have the ability to include a photo or a 15 second Voice Clip. This could be a great way to help students communicate about assignments when they’re unable to attend class. Voice Clips can be especially helpful for world languages or music teachers.



2. Stamp messages

When a teacher sends an Announcement out to a class, students and parents using the app can choose one of four Stamps to provide feedback. This is a great way for teachers to quickly poll their classes. Check out our Stamps blog post for more ideas and get inspired. (:


3. View photos in the app without having to click a link

When a message that includes a photo is received by text or email, that photo appears as a link to click in order to see the picture. Instead of a link, that photo will show up automatically in the app – no click required!


4. Keep your messages more organized

When receiving Announcements by text, it can be hard to keep track of all of your sent and received Remind messages because they all come from the same phone number. In the app, you can easily view Announcements by class so that nothing is lost.


5. More account control

In the app, you can change your name, email address, password, and control all of your subscriptions and notifications in one place! Even if you choose to receive messages by email or text as well, the app is the easiest way to join and leave classes, receive and send Chats, and keep your account information and notification preferences up to date.



Questions about any of these features? Don’t hesitate to email us or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook. Happy Reminding!

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