An Easier Way to Bring People Together


Educators send all kinds of messages on Remind, but you send a lot of messages about activities like field trips, fundraisers, and parent-teacher conferences. Organizing these events requires frequent communication—not to mention the time it takes to chase down permission slips, recruit volunteers, or sort through cash and checks.

Now you can use Remind to manage activities from start to finish. Whether you’re expanding learning beyond the classroom or supporting your school community, Remind Activities helps you bring people together.

Here are a few things you can do with Activities on Remind:

Coordinate activities in real time.

Activities work just like regular messages on Remind, so students and parents can respond as soon as they get your invitation—online, on the app, and even by text. You can also create a group conversation to update participants or help them coordinate logistics.

COM017-screenshots-08-12-16b (1) Participants can RSVP, send money, and ask questions—right from their phones. 

Make sure everyone’s included.

Invitations can be sent to any of your classes and connections on Remind. You can even invite people who don’t have Remind accounts. Just share the activity link in an email, on your website, or on social media.

COM017-screenshots-08-12-16e (1)Keep your messages short and sweet. Participants will see all the important details when they respond to the invitation.

Keep track of people and money in a single place.

Every response and transaction is recorded in Remind so you have easy access to the information you need. Plus, collecting funds online means you don’t have to deal with bounced checks and envelopes of cash. Your school treasurer can even link your school’s bank account to Remind for secure deposits.

COM017-screenshots-08-12-16a (1) Remind Activities gives you a headcount, a ledger, and reminders—all rolled into one.

Have more questions? Check out our Help Center FAQs here. And to create an activity for an upcoming back-to-school night, parent information night, or school supplies fundraiser, just log into your Remind account and look for the little calendar icon.

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