Announcing Chat: Start Safe, Simple Conversations

Remind has always been focused on helping teachers connect instantly with students and parents. By offering teachers an easy, safe way to connect with their communities, we believe relationships become stronger and education gets better. This is why we are so excited to announce Chat. (:

Chat lets teachers have safe, simple, one-to-one conversations with students and parents. As a teacher, Chat lets you:

Choose how you connect: Start a Chat for one-to-one conversation, or continue sending one-way Announcements just like you always have.

Reach students and parents on any device: Subscribers do not need a smartphone to receive your messages, which means students and parents can reply to your Chat via SMS, email, or app.

Manage communication: Teachers can manage two-way communication by setting Office Hours and easily pausing/resuming their Chats. Only teachers can initiate a Chat unless they adjust their settings.

Work together to keep Remind safe: Teachers, students, and parents can access a transcript of their Announcement or Chat History, and use reporting tools to stay safe.

Educators like Tasha Candela, Chris Webb, Adam Welcome, Leslie Fisher and thousands more are passionate about connecting their school community. Not only have they been requesting a way for students and parents to respond to their Remind messages, they already see the potential for Chat’s impact:

One-to-one messaging will allow me to answer questions beyond the normal school day. Kids are very busy and need virtual office hours. Phones are such an integral part of their lives why not use it to our advantage. Kids don’t email they text!” — Steve Durand, Dearborn, Michigan

Connected kids have been trained to believe that everyone is reachable through their phone at any time — I know that because that is how they live. Plus, the more approachable and accessible kids feel you are, the more likely they are willing to ask for help. When you create pathways of communication and collaboration, there is a lot that can be done around school and not just in the classroom” — Matthew Soeth, Lodi, CA

The launch of Stamps last year also demonstrates the demand for feedback — in only 6 months, students and parents have already replied with over 6.5 million Stamps to their teachers’ Remind messages. Not only that, but we’ve seen Stamps correspond to greater communication and more “class participation” on Remind. Instant feedback is powerful.

Josh, Rachel, Natalie, Lindsay and the rest of the team have spent countless hours listening to teachers. Their input has been an essential part of us building a two-way messaging experience that’s simple, safe, and offers teachers the controls they need to build positive communication loops with students and parents.

We started Remind with the belief that we can improve education by finding a way to connect teachers, students, and parents. Today, we see Chat as one small step towards doing exactly that. We love hearing from you, so if you have any questions or feedback please email us, tweet us, or send us a note on Facebook. To learn more about Chat, check out our FAQs, watch our video, and join the wait list for early access!

Happy Chatting!

-Brett and the Remind team

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