Beyond the Smart Board: Remind Outside the Classroom

By Brett Kopf

Not a teacher? No worries. Hundreds of non-teachers who spend a significant time on school campuses use Remind. Here’s how Remind can help all you non-teachers supporting students, staff, admin and parents.

Career Counselor

After graduation, students will tackle 100 different industries, but if they’re going to college, they need to take the ACT or SAT and if you’re a career counselor, the easiest way to remind them of the big test is to send test reminders. Reminders about college recruiter visits and application deadlines will also help students organize their path to higher education.

Volunteer Organizations

How come only 75 percent of those who volunteered to raise money for the girl’s basketball team actually showed? It’s possible that many forgot. Remind is a great resource to rally people last minute. It’s also a great way to remind those who can’t physically volunteer, to tweet about or post the fundraiser event on Facebook.

Parent Organizations

Instead of calling each PTA member asking for raffle donations, send a text. Not only does this take less time, it starts a conversation parents can have with other parents who are not necessarily PTA members.

School Groups

Girl Scouts, chess club, choir, Spanish club — the number of school groups is endless but they all meet and Remind texts are a great way to make sure no one misses the next meeting. Reminders for permission slips, deadlines (hello Girl Scouts selling delicious cookies) and helpful hints are an easy way to improve performance and support with Remind.

Student Council

Can’t find the microphone for the assembly due to start in 10 minutes? Lost the MC? Need to get the crowd moving by starting a wave? If student council is in charge, a text can find the microphone, rally the MC and kick off a wave of support.


One innovative Remind user, who also happens to be a teacher, has included her family in Remind updates. While her family isn’t particularly interested in next Thursday’s pop quiz, they love when she shares ideas from relevant workshops. Heard about a cool project for preschoolers or an innovative way to study for SATs? Share them with family and friends by setting up a Remind family group!