Building School Communication From the Ground Up


Last month, Brett announced a new product for schools in his first post on Medium. Today, we’re excited to officially launch Remind for Schools to help improve school communication.

Our goal is to bring what you love about using Remind with your classes to your entire school, whether it’s notifying families about last-minute school closures or sending out a note of encouragement to the entire school just because it’s a Wednesday.

And that’s why Remind for Schools doesn’t just aim to simplify school communication—it’s also meant to help strengthen school communities. For us, these ideas go hand in hand. Communication should make life easier, and it should make life better.

Keeping Communication in One Place

The educators we’ve talked to say that there’s a lot that could be better about school communication. We hear about notifications that don’t reach families at all or robocalls about urgent situations that raise more questions than they answer. Teachers tells us why it sometimes feels like they can only improve communication for the classes they teach. Everyone wants fewer emails.

Remind for Schools is another step toward keeping school communication in one place. Educators already use Remind in creative ways for school and staff messaging, and our new features help them get there without jumping through hoops or coming up with workarounds. Teachers can use their Remind accounts to send messages to colleagues while getting real-time staff updates, and school leaders can reach different groups in their communities when they need to.


And everyone gets fewer emails.

Connecting People in Your Community

We’ve grown to 35 million users in half of all public schools through word of mouth: Teachers share Remind with other teachers at their schools, their principals, and educators in their PLNs. We don’t take that lightly, and that’s why teacher feedback informs every step of our process.

The question that teachers ask most frequently—by far—is how to sign up more students and parents. They’ve already turned on class search. They’ve tried our tips for adding participants and gotten creative with posters, labels, printouts, rewards, and even costumes. But the fact remains that inviting people can still be a barrier for using Remind, and that’s something we want to address.

So, for the first time, we’re verifying users on Remind. Our team manually checks the status of every administrator who joins Remind for Schools, which helps us keep each community safe. A centralized school directory lets verified administrators add teachers directly to their schools and manage staff lists, and teachers will eventually have the ability to add students and parents directly to their classes as well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.00.00 PM

Finally, the educators in our community have shown us how effective Remind can be for professional collaboration and development. We already know how committed teachers are to sharing tools that work, but they also stay connected with dozens of Remind classes that feature new events, ideas, and resources. These networks span states and even countries, and there’s a powerful opportunity to bring that dialogue home.

After all, the educators who have the clearest understanding of how communication works at your school are the other educators at your school.

Same Community, Same Goals

We’ve spent the last few years working with teachers to build a messaging app that transforms communication at the classroom level, and we’re excited to bring what we’ve learned to schools and districts across the country. Remind for Schools exists because of the educators who keep telling us that everyone at a school—teachers, principals, support staff, and more—shares the same goal of student success.

But it’s a lot easier to get there when you can reach out to others for support and let them know that you care about the same things that they do, and that’s what better school communication is for. That’s why we built Remind for Schools, and we can’t wait to see what you do together.

Questions? Check out our Help Center for our FAQs about Remind for Schools, or email us at And, as always, you can get in touch with us at @RemindHQ on Twitter.

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