Canadian Numbers Have Arrived!

by Christine Garland

The long awaited arrival of shiny new Canadian phone numbers is finally here!

Startinggggg…….NOW! Canadian users can enjoy Remind without worrying about additional fees.

Shouts to our dev dudes, Jeremy and David, for making this happen! 

Few things you need to know: 

1) How to switch your current US phone number to a Canadian number. 

Login to your account on (You currently cannot use our iPhone app to change your country settings.)

Once logged in, go to “Account” and “Me” in the upper right hand corner:

Scroll down your account page until you see the “Country” option. Click the country dropdown and switch from, “United States,” to “Canada”. Then save your changes by clicking the big blue “Save” button:

You are now the proud owner of a Canadian phone number! But before I congratulate you, let’s make sure it worked. Head back to one of your class invite pages and see if your number changed.


If it didn’t, email me:

2) So what does this mean for your current subscribers?

Besides the fact that they’ll never have to worry about extra fees for accepting your messages again, nothing! There is no need to have them re-subscribe. The next time you send a message, it will come to them from your new Canadian number. 

3) Have you been waiting for this day to start telling your co-workers about us? (Pretty please.)

Go ahead and tell new users to sign up like normal. Our intelligent little system is set up to know they will require a Canadian number and will assign them one automatically. 

Thanks for being patient while we got this new feature ready. Especially @MsBelangerMusic, @courosa, @gcouros, @ethnicomm, & @kevingerrior.

We’re super excited to finally offer our neighbors the freedom to go text message crazy!

Questions? Concerns? Crisis? Let us know here, on twitter, facebook, or via email: