Two-Way Messaging is Now Available on Remind!

It’s been a while since we launched Chat, and things look a little different now. This post is no longer up to date—for the latest information about how to send and receive messages on Remind, please visit our Help Center

Chat is now available on Remind! Using the Remind app or website, Chat lets teachers initiate safe, simple, one-to-one conversations with a student or parent in their class.

I’m excited to walk you through Chat in the Remind app (iOS or Android) and answer some common questions about getting started.

How do I start using Chat?

Once you have version 5.0+, you’ll immediately notice the Chat icon as a new tab in your navigation bar along with Home, Classes and You.


After clicking the Chat tab, teachers can start a Chat with any subscriber over the age of 13. Just click the plus sign at the top.

Top Chat bar

Search for students or parents to connect with by entering the name you see in your Subscriber List. Underneath each name, you’ll see the classes that each student or parent has joined. (On, you can also search contacts by Notes!)


How will students and parents receive my Chat?

Teachers, students, and parents should be able to connect regardless of what technology they have access to, so subscribers can receive and respond to Chats in the app, by text*, or by email.

*Note that texts are only available in the US & Canada and Chats will come from a new phone number (it’s the only way we can keep them in a separate thread from your Announcements).


Below is what it looks like to receive a Chat by email. Subscribers just reply to the email and teachers receive it in their Remind accounts.


Use the gear icon to find Chat Settings and choose which classes can start a Chat with you! (To start with, subscribers using the Remind app or receiving texts can start a brand new Chat with you.)


Why Remind vs. other messaging tools?

We know teachers, administrators, and coaches are all busy, and there are lots of other ways to communicate with people. However, many of these options aren’t built to help teachers effectively manage these conversations — whether it’s text, voice calls, or other messaging apps. Based on the input from a lot of amazing teachers out there, Remind has features specially designed to save teachers’ time, and to keep classroom communication easy and efficient:

  • Announcements are still one-way only. Teachers can continue sending one-way reminders and updates, just as they always have.Announcement
  • By default, only teachers can start a Chat. When you need to quickly check-in about a specific assignment or send personalized feedback, you can start a one-to-one conversation with a student or parent.
  • You can control which class(es) can initiate a Chat with you. Maybe you would like the parents of your Freshman English class to start Chats with you, but your students cannot. This is your choice.
  • Once you’ve wrapped up a conversation, you just Pause the Chat. Your subscriber won’t be able to reach out until you Resume the Chat. How frequently you pause and resume is completely up to you!
  • Unlike other communication tools, Remind lets you set Office Hours to let your students and parents know the best time to reach you. Before sending a message, they will be alerted if it is outside of your Office Hours.
  • In addition to keeping things simple with Chat, we kept safety top of mind. Both teachers and subscribers have 24 hour access to their Chat History. Just click “More” in the Chat and then “Email Chat History.”Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.53.01 AM
  • We’ll send you a complete Message History from the past 30 days. If you need a longer history, just email us at If you notice any behavior outside of our Community Guidelines, you can either use the Unsubscribe option in the upper left corner or Report to use to Remind using the “More” button.

If you want to see even more of Chat in the app, check out this video from Jordan on our Support team.

Chat is also available in your web account, so you can always pick up a Chat there that you started in the app!

We hope you’re as excited about Chat as we are (: This is a big step for us here at Remind.  In addition to classroom- wide Announcements, we hope Chat makes connecting with your students and parents easier than ever.

Huge thanks for the 50,000 teachers who joined the Chat waitlist and those who provided feedback and insights while we were building this for you!

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