Computer Science for Kids: 10 Resources

This past week,  Navasota Intermediate took part in the Hour of Code, an international movement designed to demystify code for students and teach them the basics.

As a fifth grade teacher, I did the hour of code last year with my students and I absolutely loved it.  Last year, my students got to create and learn programming with Angry Birds, Scratch, and Light Bot.

Bringing coding to Navasota

This year, being the principal of a new school, I wanted to bring Hour of Code to our whole campus.  And man, was it awesome to watch students’ learning, laughter, and creativity! really showcased some great tools this year for Computer Science Education Week.  Many of my students loved writing code with Anna and Elsa from “Frozen”.  It was challenging, but watching the kids stick with it was the best part!

Of course my students loved the staples like Angry Birds and LightBot, but it was also really neat to watch them latch onto and take off with other new resources that we hadn’t used before. Our new adventures with programming made their way through Tynker, CodeSpark, Kodable, Play Lab, and the Flappy Bird game.

So many of the jobs of the present future will require coding, and it’s great to get all students interested in computer science early on!  I can’t wait to watch the ways that my teachers will continue to incorporate coding into their classrooms throughout the rest of the school year.


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Navasota Intermediate students playing “Frozen” from during their Hour of Code.