8 Reasons Parents Love Remind101

By Brett Kopf

Second to teachers, parents have become our biggest supporters. Parents love knowing what their students are up to, how they can help out in class and what’s going on with their child’s extracurriculars.

If you’re a parent and you haven’t checked our Remind101 yet, check out these eight reasons parents say they love our service. It might convince you to get your students teachers to sign up!

It’s Simpler, Easier and Faster Than Email

We’ve found that parents, teachers and students check their text messages far more often than they do email messages. Text updates connect you to your child in real time and deliver the news you need in seconds!

Students are Protected from Students

Students that are part of a Remind101 class absolutely cannot see or communicate with the private cell phone numbers of other students in the class. Your child’s information is always protected.

Teachers are Protected from Students, and Students are Protected from Teachers

We give each teacher a Remind101 number that has nothing to do with their personal number. Not only are kids prohibited from accessing their teacher’s personal phone number or email, they can’t respond to any texts sent. Vice versa, teachers can never access the phone numbers of the students or parents on their subscriber list. They are only able to see their names as you chose to provide them. Also, teachers cannot send messages directly to any individual students or parents, so there can be no private messaging with students. It’s a one-way, bulk communication street.

Remind101 Enhances Performance

Educators using Remind101 note a remarkable uptick in student performance and attendance. Why? Because Remind101 lets teachers communicate to students when test dates have changed, homework assignments need updating, or permission slips are due in a manner they can’t miss. It’s one more way to ensure your student has the best opportunity possible to succeed.

Remind101 Updates are Personalized

While you may get plenty of general school info, Remind101 texts are tailored to your student and his/her classes. Be it a math class, music class, sports groups, or chess club group, only students and parents involved in those groups get the messages.

Sometimes a Phone Call Isn’t Possible

Remind101 is a great way to reach parents when phone trees are not an option. For example, some of our teachers use Remind101 to text parents last minute when buses are late, something that’s impossible to do in real time via phone calls or emails. Others have used it to update parents during school blackouts or other crisis situations. It should be noted that Remind101 certainly isn’t a replacement for emergency services. It’s simply a new communication tool.

Remind101 Reaches Kids Off-Campus

Because texts can be sent at any time, teachers can send last minute reminders after kids have left campus. No more excuses as to why Joanna “forgot” to study for that Spanish test!