Host a CoffeeEdu on Remind

Update: We’ve had a great run, but Remind is no longer able to reimburse CoffeeEdus as of September 1, 2017. Thanks for sharing with us!

CoffeeEdu, founded by Alice Keeler, is a 1 hour teacher-driven event where teachers come together to chat about whatever they like. Want to host a CoffeeEdu? For a limited time, Remind can help sponsor your event up to $25.

How to plan

  • If you haven’t already, sign up to become a Remind Connected Educator.
  • Select a convenient time and place to host your event, perhaps at or near your school.
  • Create a Remind class for CoffeeEdu or events at your school and invite others to join.
  • Use our CoffeeEdu logo for advertising your event on social media, flyers, or emails.
  • Advertise the event to your school via email, flyers, and on Twitter and tweet us at @RemindHQ so we can re-tweet it.

During your event

  • Arrive early to set up a table so you’re ready to welcome attendees! Pay for everyone’s coffee up to $25 and make sure to get a receipt so that we can reimburse you. Be sure to get everyone’s names and contact info so you can submit for reimbursement.
  • Facilitate the conversation so that everyone gets to share something they’re excited about trying in their classroom, and make sure everyone is heard.
  • Take a video or pics of teachers and tweet it out! Include #CoffeeEdu and @RemindHQ
  • Post a photo of your CoffeeEdu on Instagram using the hashtag #CoffeeEdu, and the CoffeeEdu page will automatically re-post it!

How to be reimbursed

  • Make sure to recruit at least 5 teachers to attend your event, but aim for 10-15!
  • Take a picture of the receipt and send it to
  • Report how your event went on this form. Once we receive your report we’ll reimburse you.

We hope you enjoy your CoffeeEdu! (:


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