How Coaches Can Inspire Summer Learning

For many coaches and school club leaders, being a mentor is an important role that continues into the summer. Summer provides more time for students to develop a deeper focus on their passions, which is not always possible during the busy school year. For Craig Badura’s students, that passion is golf. We sat down with this inspirational technology integration specialist and golf coach for Aurora Public Schools to learn how coaches can continue to support students and stay connected to them during the summer months.

What role does communication play in your role as a coach year-round?

“Communication and relationships are at the core of being a coach. They’re an integral part of any classroom or coaching program. We have to stay connected to the kids to support them at all times. Kids are so busy with activities, that they might now always check their email or remember announcements that were made at practice. Using Remind is a very easy way to communicate with them on-the-go. I also frequently share motivational quotes to my 18 golfers to let them know I’m rooting for them.”

Tip: Use Remind to send sports teams quick updates or motivational messages for your next practice or big game.

How do you plan to motivate your golf team over the summer?

“There are a variety of opportunities for junior golfers in Nebraska over the summer. Through Remind, I send my team links to the Nebraska Junior Golf Tour and let them know tournaments that are coming up. I really want students to go out on their own and compete over the summer. They need to find their independence and get out there and play! I also send my team good reading materials and ideas to keep them in tune with the game of golf, as well as motivational quotes to fuel their passion.”

Tip: Send tips, resources, and events through Remind over the summer to spark learning.

How can teachers and coaches improve their own “game” this summer?

Connecting in person and online with other educators is key to improving your practice! I have summer tech trainings through my Summer Breakfast Club Remind class. Throughout the summer, I send weekly reminders for in-person summer tech events, as well as helpful articles. This week, I’m sending out a great article by Richard Byrne about best practices for searching for documents online. I love that it doesn’t matter where teachers are — even when they’re sitting by the pool, they can quickly check out a new resource or idea from their phones.

Tip: Create a Remind class to share professional development resources with your colleagues


Craig Badura is a PK-12 Technology Integration Specialist and golf coach for Aurora Public Schools in Nebraska. Craig also co-founded #digcit chat and #1to1ipadchat, which are Twitter chats held on a weekly basis. Named one of the Top 10 Digital Citizenship bloggers by Common Sense Media in 2014, Craig has also presented at several schools in Nebraska and conferences on digital citizenship.

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