New Feature Release: The Remind Widget

This blog post is out of date. Please go to the Help Center for more information about the widget.

by Christine Garland

Last week we slyly launched our latest feature. The Remind widget!


What is it?

The Remind widget allows you to display recently sent Remind messages on your class website or blog. It’s extremely easy to install and, completely safe to use.

Step 1: Log into your account on any computer and go to “Account”, and “My Widget” in the upper right hand corner.


Step 2: On the next page you’ll see a preview of what your widget will look like when embedded on your blog. To get your embed code and add it to your site, click the blue “Create Widget” button.


Step 3: Highlight and copy the embeddable code on this page. That code is what you will use to add the widget to your class website or blog.


Step 4: Navigate to your class site or blog. Locate where your sites editable HTML code can be accessed. Every website is different.


Step 5: Decide where you would like your widget to be on your website, and find the corresponding code in your HTML view. Once you’ve found it, paste in the code for your widget and update the display.


You’ve now successfully installed your Remind widget!

We’re hoping the new Remind widget makes communication in your classroom just another small step easier.

Disclosure: The widget is a brand new release for us! So if you run into any bugs, or notice any glitches, let us know at

So excited about the widget you just can’t hide it? Help spread the word about our new widget on your social networks!

Thanks for making Remind a part of your classroom communication!