New Remind App: iOS and Android

We’re excited to announce our new iOS and Android app!

For the first time, the Remind app is available not only to teachers, but also to students and parents! Download the app (iOS and Android), click “Create an Account”, and select whether you’re a student or a parent.

In the new app, teachers, students, and parents all have a rich view of their classes and message history, with more control over how they’d like to receive messages. One of the features we’re most excited about is Push Notifications, which allows students and parents to receive messages faster than SMS and email!

Experience smoother sign up

We’ve rolled out several enhancements to make it easier to get started on Remind.

  • Now, teachers can easily send messages and subscribe to classes from the same Remind account. This is great if you’re a teacher and also want to subscribe to your child’s teacher’s Remind messages.
  • By moving from SMS to Push Notifications, students and parents will be able to merge accounts so that all of their message history is available in the app.
  • Teachers, students, and parents can streamline their login or account creation by using their Google credentials. If your school uses Google Apps for Education, it’s super easy to connect your GAFE (Google Apps for Education) account!

Fill classes quickly

The new Remind app makes it easier for teachers to encourage students and parents to join their classes. Teachers can now invite students and parents via social media, SMS and email. Plus, students can easily join classes by typing in their teacher’s class code or by searching for their teacher’s email address.

Receive feedback on Attach messages

Now teachers can view who has looked at each message attachment. There will be no more excuses! Teachers can see who in their class has viewed sent photos, documents or presentations.

New, faster ways to get your messages

Download the app and choose Push Notifications to receive your messages faster. With our improved account settings, students and parents now can choose from SMS, email and/or Push Notifications to get their teacher’s updates.

Parental notification for students under 13

With improved privacy flows for students under 13, parents are now notified when their child signs up for Remind.

With the Remind universal app, the possibilities are endless. You can use Remind to:

  • Attach photos, forms, and documents and send them straight to students’ and parents’ phones
  • Send homework assignments
  • Send schedule updates and reminders
  • Share classroom activities

Easily get started reminding your class today!