Remind as a Powerful Tool for Twitter Chats

When I taught 3rd grade, I used Remind to inform my students and parents about upcoming events and important information they needed to know. My students and parents loved how simple and easy it was to use Remind. Three years ago, I left the classroom to teach teachers how to integrate technology into their curriculum. Now, as a K-12 IT Specialist, I use Remind a bit differently.

I founded North Dakota’s state educational twitter chat #ndedchat last summer. We meet every Wednesday at 9:00pm CST to discuss a variety of educational topics. To help bring more people into this chat, I began tweeting out a reminder of the topic and time. This worked, but not everyone read all of my tweets as I thought they did. I also started to tweet out reminders to include each person’s twitter username. This worked well for those who wanted to get notified each week, but it was annoying for those who did not.

A new method to communicate

I needed a free, simple, and “non-annoying” way to remind the #ndedchat participants about upcoming chats. It wasn’t until the trip back home from ISTE 2014 that I realized I should be using the edtech tool I love and use so much, Remind! I quickly set up another Remind class and named it #ndedchat. This was such a simple idea, yet so powerful for the people that wanted a reminder to join #ndedchat each week.

Calling all Twitter chats!

If you are a moderator of an educational twitter chat, I encourage you to set up a Remind account and connect with your participants weekly.  You are also more than welcome to join our #ndedchat Remind class to get your own text messages and/or email about upcoming #ndedchat weekly chats.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about how I use Remind with the #ndedchat group.

Thanks to the Remind team as they continue to create and improve a perfect, simple app that connects students and parents, and even connect teachers to build their professional learning network!