Connect with Colleagues on Remind

Along with reaching students and parents instantly, teachers also need a fast, effective way to communicate with each other. There are many ways for teachers to connect, but they’re not always the easiest or most convenient. Email can fall through the cracks or not reach recipients in real-time. Waiting to connect at lunch breaks, after school, or at larger events can make it harder to keep track of ideas or resources shared. Now, teachers, coaches and administrators in a given school can use Remind to connect, collaborate, and open up their classroom doors.

Teacher and peer-led professional development can be a powerful method for more flexible and fun learning. Here at Remind, we’re not only inspired by teachers’ commitment to impact students, but also their passion to learn from each other. With two-way messaging, we want to make it even easier for educators to instantly swap ideas, build new professional relationships, and exchange updates or feedback to hone their craft and better support students. In fact, in addition to professional collaboration during the school year, some of teachers’ most active learning happens during the summer months. Here are some ways to kickstart your summer learning:

  • Check out Kevin Zahner’s 10 tips on learning opportunities
  • Join the @ConnectEdu Remind class for summer resources from Teaching Channel and Edutopia
  • Attend ISTE or tune-in virtually to learn about new tools and ideas
  • Teachers can use Remind to build a PLN and share summer reflections
  • Administrators can use Remind to collect ideas for back to school

To start connecting with your school colleagues, make sure you have linked to your school in your account settings. Then simply compose a new message and scan for teachers at your school. Tap their name to start chatting with each other instantly to discuss classroom updates, school news, event logistics, student feedback, lesson plans, and more. We hope that this feature will build more meaningful and supportive communities.

P.S. If you’re interested in making a bigger impact on your school community with Remind, we encourage you to become a Remind Connected Educator.

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