Remind Me About These 15 Cool Things

By Brett Kopf

We’ve given you new uses for Remind before and we’re doing it again. We just can’t help ourselves. Check out these 15 ways to use your favorite student/parent communication tool.

Homework Corrections

Oops. We all do it. Assign page 15 when we really mean page five. No quicker way to fix that mistake and get students cracking away on their work than a Remind text.


The high schoolers (and their parents) will appreciate yearbook reminders. When are photos due? When is payment due? Most importantly, when can they expect to see their faces in gloss?

Rally the Troops

Your class and their chaperones are divided all over the museum. Some are viewing impressionists, others Greeks. Groups two and three get a little confused at lunch: They have no idea which museum entrance is the meeting spot. Get on the same page with a quick text.

Ask for Feedback

What an easy way to get parents and kids thinking about how a project or process is going than a text that reaches everyone at one time! You can suggest parents/students with comments send their response via email.

Staff Meetings

Is there a teacher or two who frequently forgets staff meetings? Did you organize the meeting but all of a sudden there’s a room change? Set up a “class” for your staff and text away.


Is one of your classes particularly unorganized? Send little tips to help them first make then dominate to-do lists.

After Break Reminders       

With a two-week break over Christmas, it’s easy for kids and parents to “forget” what needs to come back with them. Gym shoes. Boots for recess. A friendly reminder the Sunday before can help.

Come Back…Please!

On the after break reminder note, don’t forget to text parents and students the week before they’re due to return from Christmas break with a return date. We don’t want any tardies…


Worried not everyone remembered the glue and paper they needed to bring in for a project? Send a text asking anyone who can, to bring in some extra supplies. Then no one gets left behind during a lesson.

Lunch Updates

If you have young kids, you know nothing trumps the important of the school lunch menu. When it’s updated, send kids and parents a message. They’ll love you for it!

Club Support

Is there a club or school group that’s doing something really cool that not everyone knows about? Send a text and garner some support for these super cool things we don’t know about, but should definitely pay attention to.


Read a good book? Let your readers know.

Library Due Dates

After you recommend the book, go ahead and remind students that if they want to continue reading those books, they need to get them back to the library in time.

Test Prep

Yep, it’s standardized testing week. Remind parents kids need a good night sleep, a good breakfast and a nice kiss before they walk out that door.

School Spirit

School spirit day scheduled tomorrow?  A reminder is needed especially if the most creative class gets a prize!