Remind’s Guide to ISTE 2015

If you’re headed to Philadelphia next week for the big ISTE conference, you might have had a chance to look at the massive schedule that is jam-packed with great classroom strategies, tech ideas, networking events, and more. Upon first glance, this conference of nearly 18,000 attendees can be a little daunting. Where do you begin to find the sessions that best meet your needs as an educator? ISTE’s handy program guide can help you search by topics of interest or your career focus, and also lets you save your favorite sessions to build your personal schedule. You can even download ISTE’s mobile app to access the schedule right on your phone.

Looking for some session recommendations? Remind has got you covered. While you’re making your way through the labyrinth of booths, poster sessions, and workshops, be sure to check out these inspiring sessions:

1. Pop-up “unconference” sessions with Remind

When: Throughout the ISTE conference, Monday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 1

Where: Find out our locations throughout the conference by texting @ISTE2015 to 81010 and enroll in our class!

Want to know how to connect instantly with students and their parents? Learn the latest about Remind and strategies to use it in your classroom. Try an innovative approach to 21st century mobile communication with your school community, and learn from the Remind team and experienced teachers like Rafranz Davis, Kyle Pace, and Erin Klein who have used Remind. Plus, get a Remind t-shirt, buttons, stickers, postcards, and more!

2. Periscope interviews with Remind

When: Throughout the ISTE conference, Monday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 1

Where: On our Twitter account, @RemindHQ

Who: Various educators, administrators, and professionals

Using Periscope, a live video streaming app for iOS and Android, we will conduct short interviews with various ISTE attendees to talk about new trends in education and technology. Make sure to follow Remind on Twitter to tune into our Periscope Interviews!

3. Coffee EDUs with Alice Keeler

When: Monday June 29, Tuesday June 30, Wednesday July 1 at 6am

Where: Starbucks, 1500 Market St. Philadelphia, PA, 19102

Who: Hosted by Founder of Coffee EDU, Alice Keeler

CoffeeEDU is a one hour uncoference for educators. CoffeeEDU helps educators expand their PLN in a face-to-face meet up to talk about any topics in education.

4. Is Your District Future Ready?

When: Monday June 29, 2:30pm

Where: PCC 113A

Who: Karen Cator, Richard Culatta, Jeff Mao, Tom Murray

Kicked off by a Superintendent Summit at the White House in November 2014 and subsequent nationwide regional summits, school districts from around the nation have pledged to become “future ready.” Come learn what it takes for schools to prepare students for a future that has yet to be defined.

5. Designing and Sustaining Engaging Digital Environments

When: Monday June 29, 2:30pm

Where: PCC 120C

Who: Lyn Hilt and Andy Marcinek

Schools need to shift their focus from learning about the devices and apps, to a seamless integration of technology. We’ll challenge you to reflect on your process for instructional design with technology and develop strategies for sustaining it.

6. 10 Tips for Creating a Classroom in the Cloud

When: Monday June 29, 4:15pm

Where: PCC 120C

Who: Nick Provenzano and Jared Covili

We’ll provide practical classroom examples for implementing cloud-based tools and give teachers 10 tips they can use right away. You’ll maximize your Google Drive and create amazing projects.

7. Stop Teaching and Start Learning

When: Monday June 29, 5:30pm

Where: PCC 103A, Table 1

Who: Diane Main and Karl Lindgren-Streicher

Let’s talk about why we teach and work so much when students should be doing all the work. How can we change? This WON’T be a lecture. Participation is CHERISHED. Resources, ideas, and best practices will be shared by participants and facilitators.

8. Set Their Voices Free: How Students Can Share Their Stories

When: Tuesday, June 30, 10:45am

Where: PCC 108

Who: Erin Klein, Pernille Ripp, Colby Sharp

We use technology tools to enhance curriculum, and now we need to use these tools to enable our students to share their stories with the world. Join us as we share ideas and methods for giving students a global platform and help them make a difference. Recommended by ISTE’s Librarians Network, Literacy Network

9. Something Old, Something New — the Best of What You Thought You Knew

When: Tuesday, June 30, 10:45am

Where: PCC Terrace Ballroom IV

Who: Steve Dembo and Adam Bellow

Think you know every web tool out there? Think again! We’ll demonstrate new twists on “vintage” sites that you may have thought you knew and share the best of the year’s new releases. Remember, it’s not the tool, it’s how you use it to transform learning. Recommended by ISTE’s Technology After-School Network.

10. Free Web Tools to Support Student Creativity

When: Tuesday, June 30, 12:30pm

Where: PCC 119A

Who: Erin Klein, Adam Bellow, Kyle Pace, Michelle Baldwin

This dynamic session shares authentic learning experiences with tools that promote creating, producing and publishing – ideas you can implement tomorrow! Recommended by ISTE’s Librarians Network.

11. Growing Super Connected Communities through Digital Classrooms

When: Wednesday, July 1, 11:45am

Where: PCC 113A

Who: Erin Klein, Kyle Pace, Jenna Shaw, Robert Dillon, Spike Cook

Join our panel discussion about moving from technology-rich schools to connected communities. Ideas, resources and examples will flow as top connected educators discuss how their connected kids have nurtured spaces of deep connection throughout the community.

12. The Connected Educator Panel

When: Wednesday, July 1, 8:30am

Where: PCC 103BC

Who: Steven Anderson, Mark Barnes, Brad Currie, Peter DeWitt, Pernille Ripp, Tom Whitby

The business of learning and schools is rapidly changing but there are tools available to keep up with those changes. Join the authors of the Connected Educator Series as they discuss relevant dducators, school branding, teaching the iStudent, community collaborations and so much more. Recommended by ISTE’s Librarians Network.

Get your walking shoes on and attend these sessions! The Remind team is looking forward to meeting you in Philly!

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