Strengthen Parent Collaboration With Conversations on Remind

At Remind, we’ve seen parent involvement come in all forms. From sending quick reminders about back-to-school nights to starting personalized Chats that engage parents in student learning, teachers use Remind to collaborate with parents more easily and effectively.

We’ve also seen that effective collaboration often goes both ways. Countless parents already use Remind; both one- and two-way messaging help parents deepen their support for student learning, whether that’s coordinating an aquarium field trip or sourcing an impressive 500 Dixie cups for a science activity. Parents are incredibly passionate about helping out in the classroom, staying active in their children’s educations, and coordinating extracurriculars.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that two-way messaging will expand to include parents who are subscribed to the same class. Any parent subscribed to @math101, for example, will be able to compose and send messages to a fellow parent or group of parents in @math101 as well. Conversations for parents will also include many of the same controls that make Remind safe, secure, and effective.

Parents in the same class can now collaborate with Chat!

This is another step toward unlocking communication with Remind.

  • Parents will be able to connect through text, email, and the Remind app.
  • Parents will not be able to view or message students in any class.
  • Parents also won’t be able to disable replies in a conversation, but we’ll be working on enhanced controls in the coming months in the coming months.

From an engineering perspective, parent conversations were especially fun to build because we saw the impact of a lot of the investments we’ve made over the last few months. In the same way that we work to keep Remind simple, we look for ways to streamline the engineering process on our end, too. This update was completed almost entirely on the server side—bringing us closer to a place where we can move as quickly as possible to add features that teachers want and address any issues that come up.

We hope that this update will help parents collaborate more effectively with other parents. For more information about parent-to-parent conversations, visit our FAQs. And, as always, please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions!

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