Texting Your Way to Project-Based Learning

Yesterday, we were contacted by The Buck Institute for Education, a group of great education thought-leaders, and asked how Remind can be used for project-based learning. Remind is a very helpful tool for organizing long-term student projects because it helps keep students on track, even when they’re outside of the classroom. It’s important for all members of the group to learn self-management skills and be able to set benchmarks towards an overarching goal. Easy communication and check-ins with all group members help to cultivate just that.

Thinking about getting started with project-based learning or already have a project-based learning classroom? As you’re planning your class project and scheduling out the unit, try using Remind to set your students up for success:

Text Small Groups

Remind allows you to one-way text your entire class, as well as smaller groups within your class. This is perfect for group projects as well as whole-class projects. Text specific notifications tailored to each group of students of three or more to make sure they’re up-to-date on deadlines. There are no more excuses for forgetting… especially since reminders are sent to the devices in their pockets!

Attach Rubrics, Resources, and a Contract

Before your students embark on their projects, have each small group establish their roles and write out a group contract. Since students write their own rules, they’ll be much more likely to follow them and hold other group members accountable. Once you’ve approved each group’s guidelines, you can use Remind Attach to send each group a copy of their contract. You can also use Attach send individual groups images of rubrics or Remind to text links to outside resources.

Send Reminders and Deadlines

As you reach each section of the project, keep students updated with weekly reminders using Remind. This is especially helpful with long-term projects, in which students might need some extra support to meet spread out deadlines. A successful in-depth project is completed over a longer period of time, not the night before! Students can always go back in their message history when putting due dates on their calendars.

Share Group Updates

Sometimes students will encounter obstacles during long-term projects and forget to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your class excited by sending them updates of other groups using Remind Attach. Every benchmark is an accomplishment towards the end goal and should be shared, celebrated, and given feedback. Photos of science experiments, for example, are always fun to share with classmates. Even the bloopers!

Encouragement and Tips

Remind is a great way to keep students positive by sending them affirmations and encouraging words throughout the course of the project. Since projects also foster collaboration skills, it’s a great opportunity to send students pointers on working productively with one another. Here are some topics that you can approach:

  • Understand your role and responsibilities.
  • Stick to deadlines and work with your group.
  • Problem-solve and ask for help when you need it.
  • Communicate your ideas clearly to your group.
  • Be curious. Pursue your interests in the project and learn more about them.
  • Be creative and find new ways to show what you’ve learned.
  • Have fun!

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