Thanks Mrs. Whitefield

by Brett Kopf

Most people don’t know this, but I struggled in high school. A lot. I learned slower, I took tests separately from other students because I needed time.

Everyone has had a teacher that has created an impact on their life. Mrs. Whitefield changed mine (she keeps telling me to call her Denise but I just can’t!). She spent HOURS a day reviewing papers with me, ensuring I did the reading and being patient. Very very patient. It’s fair to say she was the reason I got into college. I learned slower. I read slower. But she was ok with that. I think I found a lot of confidence in her patience.“Keep trying, you’ll get it”.

Anytime I thank her for spending that time with me & tell her how much she impacted my life, she shrugs it off and says ” Oh stop, you did it yourself!”

A sincere thanks to Mrs. Whitefield at Niles West High School!