The NEW Remind iPhone Teacher App

by Christine Garland

*Note: This is an outdated blog post. Please see our new site for feature updates. 

Earlier this summer we released the latest version of our Android app. Afterwards, we got a lot of responses asking for some iOS love. Today we’re happy to share that the love has arrived!

Introducing our new teacher iPhone app.




What’s new?

  • It’s faster and snappier! Your students and parents don’t have to wait to get your updates.
  • It has a new, improved, and far more stunning user interface to match the updates on the Remind website.
  • We’ve added sharing capabilities to help you spread the word (and enter our #R101Love contest) from the app. It’s now easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, via email and text.
  • Plus, added features and enhanced capabilities in scheduling for later, managing class subscribers and messaging multiple classes.

You can grab it from the App Store here. Or if you already have the old app, go to your app updates screen and click the update link.




The team spent a lot of time talking to teachers throughout the process of redesigning the iPhone app to make sure we were addressing the right issues in the old app, and building just what you needed in the new version. We hope you love it!