Until You Try a Twitter Chat, You Haven’t Lived!

by Christine Garland

Last night Remind was invited to our first ever Twitter Chat session by our friend Lisa Dabbs, @teachingwthsoul. The virtual group is #ntchat, which stands for New Teacher Chat, and they get together every Wednesday at 5 pm PST to tweet about a new topic. When Lisa asked us if we would be interested in participating in a chat about safe mobile communication, obviously we were thrilled. But what we didn’t tell her is that we were also a wee bit befuddled, and I dare say nervous.

We had never experienced a twitter chat before! How does it work?

What do we talk about?

How do I know when to talk?

Do I get to wear pajamas?

Luckily, we love new adventures. Especially ones that give us a chance to talk to a massive amount of teachers. So at 4:55 pm PST we sat down as Lisa, and Canadian co-host Natasha Dunn, @yomsdunn, got the chat started!

First they had everyone in attendance introduce themselves on the evenings #ntchat stream. Then they explained the format. Lisa would ask questions to us (Remind), and we’ll respond. After each answer, everyone is invited to ask follow up questions.

For a brief moment I felt like I was walking into The Hunger Games Arena…Q1: What is Remind?

Psh. I know this one! And it went on from there.

As soon as Lisa let the bull out of the gate, questions and comments came flying at us from all directions. For the next hour we answered questions, listened to suggestions, and a had a blast!

What an incredible experience to watch people learn your product and give feedback in real time. The evening was invaluable…and I didn’t even have to use my bow and arrow skills to get through it.

In the moments where Brett and myself thought our fingers may fall off from typing so fast, some incredible long time users jumped in the chat and helped us out. Thanks to Lisa (@briteeyes49) and Jen (@jenroberts1) for being there last night!

If you haven’t participated in a live twitter chat before, we highly recommend it. Now that we’ve broken the ice, we’re definitely hoping to do more in the future! I like to think we tweet well under pressure.

In the end, we hope everyone walked away with a better understanding of Remind101, mobile learning, and hopefully an interest in trying out the service. If not, at least a few of you got a shirt out of the deal 🙂

Thanks again to Lisa for inviting us last night! We appreciated the opportunity more than tweets can say. Let’s do it again sometime! More news –

We reached our goal of 1000 Twitter followers this morning! Hazzah. Thanks to everyone that helped us spread the word. Now on to 2,000!