Using Remind at Camps and Summer Programs

Each day, the Remind team talks to parents, program leaders, and coaches that want to know if they can use Remind to help keep their communities connected outside of school.

The answer is absolutely yes, and it’s still safe, simple, and free.

Keep reading to get started!

How do I use Remind at camp?

Remind is a free tool that instructors use to send updates and reminders to groups via text message so that parents and students get them when it matters. Camp directors, coaches, and summer program leaders can create teacher accounts on Remind and start broadcasting 1-way text messages using their computer or smartphone.

You can create an account now by clicking here or keep reading about best practices and how to get everyone signed up while using Remind over the summer.

Top 5 ways to use Remind at camps and summer programs:

  1. Save time by scheduling reminder messages.
    Kids missing drop-off/pickup times? Arriving without swim trunks, permission slips, or lunch? You can use Remind to schedule reminders to be sent before routine events or just to emphasize your program’s rules.
  2. Coordinate with your staff.
    Trying to communicate across your camp staff and need to make sure everyone is on the same page? Send free text updates, voice clips and reminders internally to coordinate logistics with counselors and other staff regardless of access to e-mail or a walkie-talkies.
  3. Notify parents of last-minute updates with ease.
    Have a sudden change in scheduling or an unexpected delay? Send a Remind announcement to instantly notify relevant parents, campers, and staff.
  4. Send copies of important documents home.
    Make sure parents know about permission slips and other forms by attaching them in your messages. Parents can receive links to the document in a text message or they can download the free Remind app, view the form, and e-mail or print it.
  5. Share spontaneous photos or messages to keep parents and campers engaged at camp.
    Snap a photo so great it can’t wait for the newsletter? Remind parents what happens at camp by sharing a moment instantly from your Remind app. Subscribers will receive a link to the picture or get it right in the Remind app.

How do parents, kids, and staff join my Remind classes?

Here are the best ways other summer program directors are getting people signed up:

  1. Print the custom PDF instructions from Remind: When you sign up for Remind, you’ll receive a link with PDF instructions customized for the groups you’ve created. You can also click on “Download Instructions” at any point to print a copy. (Tip: If your camp session hasn’t started yet, hand out a copy to parents as part of the registration process.)
  2. Send invitations from Remind using contact info you already have: When you’re logged into your Remind account click “add students and parents” and “send invitations” and then enter phone numbers or emails. We’ll send them invitations via text or email to join your relevant classes. (Tip: Do this from a computer at and just copy-paste relevant contact information into the invitation section.)
  3. Make it a competition: Want to make sure everyone is getting your messages? Summer leaders and classroom teachers use competitions and incentives to help make sign-ups fun. Examples include offering small rewards like lunch privileges or first preference for an activity for the group with the most camper and/or parent sign-ups.

You can your create your account now by clicking here:

Still have questions? Feel free to check out our FAQ or reach out directly at

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