Voice is Powerful: Now Listen to This!

“We have some very exciting news for you, Adam. Can you guess what it is?”

When the news came, I almost didn’t believe the Remind team. You can now record your message on Remind instead of just writing it as a text! Giving Remind feedback for the last few months has been fun, and the record option was high on my list of requests. We’ve seen how powerful voice is at John Swett Elementary, as podcasting has become a huge part of our school on a weekly basis. There’s something raw and personal about listening to a message, hearing a familiar voice, inflection, and enthusiasm. In addition, being able to replay that message has profound impact.

Why Am I Pumped About Voice Clips?

People close to me know that culture and school spirit are VERY important to John Swett Elementary. Being able to ‘pump’ up our school community with a “welcome back” voice message during back to school will be fun and exciting!

I’ve had so many parents tell me the profound impact that our messages have had on their children at home. Kids are going to trip out when their parents play the message and can hear my voice. That’s really a home visit from the principal or teacher!

Why Use Voice Clips?

  • You can multi-task easier while listening to a message.
  • World language teachers can send their students a recorded message with correct pronunciation for what they’re studying!
  • If you need to convey a special message, use the inflection in your voice to make that impact with kids and parents.
  • If you’re using Voxer, you can already see the power in conversation. Voice Clips is bringing Remind messages to the next level!

I’m excited to see how other teachers around the world are using Voice Clips in their classrooms. Share your ideas on Facebook and Twitter with the #RemindVoice to exchange best practices with your PLN (Professional Learning Network)!