Using Remind allows me to keep my students and their parents up-to-date with exactly what’s going on in class.

Todd Nesloney Principal at Navasota Intermediate

Score Report Support Guide with Learning Heroes

State Support Guide

Most teachers are familiar with the changing requirements for how students are taught and tested in the classroom. In the last few years alone, major shifts have included the introduction of the Common Core State Standards, the first round of aligned tests, and the development of other state-specific standards and exams.

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Remind Translate: Building Communication for Everyone, Everywhere

Remind Translate

Teachers who work with some of the 4.4 million English language learners in the United States cite communication issues and a lack of resources as major reasons for a significant achievement gap. Only 3% of teachers at high-poverty schools say that students have the digital tools they need to successfully complete assignments. Often, teachers face both challenges at once.

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Strengthen Parent Collaboration with Chat


At Remind, we’ve seen parent involvement come in all forms. From sending quick reminders about back-to-school nights to starting personalized Chats that engage parents in student learning, teachers use Remind to collaborate with parents more easily and effectively.

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A Faster Way to Fill Your Classes


My sister is a teacher, and one of the first things she said when I told her about Remind was, “That class code looks pretty important. How am I going to make sure each parent and student gets that code and types it in correctly?” Turns out my sister wasn’t alone.

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A New Look for Remind on Web!

MKT001-web-dashboard-redesign-blog-post-01 (1)

Today, we’re excited to roll-out a new and improved look for Remind on web! Over the past few months, we’ve been collecting all your feedback, notes, and suggestions and turned them into a redesign we think you’ll love. Thank you to educators like Tasha Candella, Lisa Dabbs, Matt Hurst, Matt Soeth, Brant Farris, Louise Colbert, Ben Spieldenner and more for sharing your ideas and helping us make Remind even more useful for teachers, students, and parents. We couldn’t have made this happen without you. :)

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Chat with Multiple People


I taught computer science to high school students for three years, and it was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. One of the classes I taught was an advanced programming elective. This class provided students with the opportunity to build their programming skills through project-based learning. I’d often get emails from students with questions about their projects, and any answer I sent them outside of class would need to be repeated in class, taking up valuable time. I needed a way to respond to student questions that kept everyone in sync.

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