Using Remind allows me to keep my students and their parents up-to-date with exactly what’s going on in class.

Todd Nesloney Principal at Navasota Intermediate

Education Needs More than Old Work with New Tools


Introducing new educational technology tools cannot, and will not, solve problems in education on their own – if we try to do old work with new tools, we will not see progress. Progress comes when we teach our students how to think strategically, instead of merely giving them new technology without concrete learning objectives.

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81010: Your New Remind Number

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Core to Remind is our ability to help teachers connect more efficiently with students and parents, so we’re getting ready to launch a faster and simpler way for subscribers to join your classes. Soon, you’ll see a new type of phone number in your Remind account: 81010.

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Planning a Scavenger Hunt with Remind


Last year, we arrived on site for our museum field trip and I realized that our scavenger hunt had been left at the hotel and I fell into a bit of a panic as to what to do. Then, I was suddenly “reminded by Remind” and recreated the scavenger hunt by sending out Remind clues to the students while they were viewing the 20 minute film.

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International Connected Educators: Teaching in the Middle East

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One year ago, when I reached Kuwait and began teaching, it became quickly apparent that communication was key. This seems like an obvious statement, coming from an educator, who needs to constantly be in communication with parents, students, other teachers, and administrators. However, I was not aware just how much communication would be needed here in the Middle East.

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4 Steps to Empower Student Voice


Student voice is important to foster in your classroom because learning becomes more memorable, and students develop research and leadership skills that will follow them beyond school. How can you get started incorporating more student voice in your classroom? Try out this four-step process.

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Being a Connected Educator: The Global Classroom


Over the past four years students and educators in S. Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland have entered our classroom and made a lasting impact. I have grown professionally and personally through these relationships and cannot imagine going back to a time where I didn’t connect globally.

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Posting Remind Messages Directly to Facebook or Twitter


What’s great about Remind is that you can directly tweet your Remind messages after you send them. However, what if you want to instantly tweet your Remind messages without tapping the “tweet” button every time? What about instantly posting your Remind messages to Facebook? The good news is, there’s a way to do both of these things!

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